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Hornet Honey Stencil 250ml

Hornet Honey Stencil 250ml

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Honey Stencil by Hornet, a new Stencil, that will leave you clear and defined lines in the transfer of your tattoo.

The Hornet Stencil will make your drawing stick for hours while you work, so you don't need to worry about how the lines staying defined since they will last much longer than you can imagine. In addition, it has a soft honey aroma, which will appeal to anyone.

Instructions for use: Apply on the skin on the desired stencil area with circular and energetic motion. Apply stencil after carefully applying the the solution.
Apply pressure where needed for a better transfer of the stencil and then remove. Allow to dry for 10 minutes before tattooing.
For best result and stencil durability work from the bottom up and avoid over-cleaning the area.

- Honey scented
- Vegan
- Made with natural ingredients
- 250ml bottle with anti-drip cap
- Made in Spain

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