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Forte Stencil Solution

Forte Stencil Solution

bonsai tattoo supply

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Forte was born out of the collaboration between the Forte Technology laboratories and the best artists in the global tattoo scene. Forte is the first professional medium for the stencil application with an antibacterial function. Forte, thanx to its poligonal network molecular structure, allows to transfer the stencil in a defined and lasting way, thus guaranteeing extreme precision in the stencil positioning and avoiding any kind of dribbling, also after many passes. The greatest news is however its focus on hygiene. Thanx to its antibacterial action, Forte disinfects and immediately removes any pathogen from the skin, already from the moment of the stencil application. Tattooing becomes even safer with Forte. It is a “Vegan Friendly” product, as it has not been tested on animals and it does not contain any substance of animal origin.

100 ml.

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