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EZ Epic Magnum Cartridges

EZ Epic Magnum Cartridges

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EZ Epic Magnum cartridges offer large magnum needles in cartridge form with the same quality you've come to know from the EZ Revolution cartridges. 8pcs. 

- Open tip
- Safety membrane inside system
- Light clear color tip body, better visibility
- Low profile housing and better ink flow
- Exact fit for needle groups every time
- Smooth edges eliminate additional trauma

- Compatible with most standard model (Cheyenne type) cartridge systems, machines and grips
- 100% EO Gas sterilized and individually packaged
- Needles made of surgical stainless steel
- Medical grade plastic tips
- Pack of 8 cartridge needles

#10 = 0.30mm Bugpin
#12 = 0.35mm Regular
LT = Long Taper (5.0mm)

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