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Eclipse Black Tattoo Ink - 260 ml

Eclipse Black Tattoo Ink - 260 ml

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Eclipse Tattoo Ink is 'the perfect black tattoo ink'. With a thin viscosity whilst maintaining a very deep black, making it absolutely perfect for lining and shading alike.

Made in the EU with the highest purity of black pigment available along with being Vegan friendly, Sterile and REACH 2022 compliant, Eclipse Tattoo Ink is sure to be ever present in your set-up for years to come.

Eclipse Tattoo Ink has been developed and perfected by experienced tattoo artists with  years of ink formulation knowledge behind them. It is multi-purpose versatile black ink great for lining, shading and filling large solid areas. It goes into the skin really smoothly and washes down great for super soft greys ideal for realism.

- High purity dark black
- Made in Europe
- REACH 2022 Compliant
- Vegan friendly
- Sterile
- Versatile Black for all types of work
- Washes down well for super soft greys

260ml bottle.

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